Our History

Upper Cumberland Walking Horse Association History

A group of interested horse people met in March of 1971 at the Ramada Inn in Cookeville Tennessee, to make plans to organize the club. At our first meeting we had only about 10-12 people present. They included: Bill Gill, Morrison Lowe, Jimmy Wallace, R. P. Wright, Fredrick Smith, Vestel Jaquess, Ordon Sevier, Lee Black, Ann Black, Pervin Lollar, and Roger Manning. There possibly could have been more that have escaped memory.

At this meeting, Bill Gill and Morrison Lowe agreed to send cards to interested horse people to encourage them to attend the next meeting. It was decided at this time to name the club Upper Cumberland Walking Horse Breeders’ Association. At the meeting the following officers were elected: Jimmy Wallace (Sparta, TN), President; Fredrick Smith (Albany, KY), Vice President; Ann Black ( Sparta, TN), Secretary; James Jaquess (Cookeville, TN), Treasurer. The officers of the association were given the responsibility of selecting seven members to the board of directors, who would write by-laws and develop plans for the club.

The next meeting was April 8, 1971, at the Ramada Inn. Clyde Roberson with a movie presented a program, From the Cradle to the Crown. A set of by-laws was accepted and a newly appointed board of directors were introduced; Roger Manning, Claude Hyder, Ross Stone, Morrison Lowe, Ordon Sevier, R. P. Wright, and Dr. John Malone. It was decided at this time that members joining the club from April 8 to May 6 would be considered charter members. Others would pay dues for $3 per year for each member. Nearly 50 people attended this meeting. The charter members are:

Ann Black, Claude Hyder, D. T. McCall, Lee Black, Jimmy D. Hoover, Sam Owen, Bob Bottoms, Susan Hunter, Manuel Office, Linda Bottoms, Harold Heady, Clyde Robinson, Elmore Brock, O. K. Hege, Gene Rodgers, Charles E. Brown, Vestel Jaquess, Festus Robbins, Gary Brewington, Wilma Jaquess, Ordon Sevier, Clayton Brown, Bobby Johnson, Bryson Smith, Sam Beatty, Morrison Lowe, Fredrick Smith, Willie Betty, Allie Belle Lollar, Herman Smith, Frelland Barber, Parvin Lollar, Josie Smith, James E. Cupps, Chen Lawson, Ross Stone, Jerry W. Cope, Roger Manning, Mrs. Ross Stone, Thomas Eaton, Mrs. Roger Manning, Ray Turner, Frank England, Sid Maddux, J. Grodon Wallace, Jr., Williams L. Gill, L. M. Murphy, Jr., J. E. Walling, David E. Gatlax, Donald Martin, Billy Webb, R. P. Wright


UCWHA By-laws